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Bedroom, Basement & Attic Renovations

Renovating Your Bedroom

Adding value is incredibly easy when you renovate your bedroom, and makes it more appealing to buyers during an open house or viewing.

Though this project may be a daunting one, there are plenty of ways you can get help, such as speaking with your real estate agent to find the right crews and help, so you're not doing this alone!

Expanding to Make It Bigger

When selling your home and making renovations, expansions, or changes in general, a homeowner should always keep their return on investment in mind. By expanding your bedroom, you're looking at an ROI of approximately between 40% and 80%, depending on factors that you can go over with your real estate agent, who knows all about ROI and the factors that go into the percentage that comes with each room in a home after it's been remodeled and expanded.

For example, a larger master bedroom with an expanded closet and a bathroom that comes with a dual head shower or a spray system that is custom are among the most popular expansions that homeowners are choosing to go with these days.

While still popular, a lot of homeowners are also expanding their bathtubs before they put their houses up on the market to a bathtub that is deep, large, and with a shower that is closed off, tiled, and roomier. In fact, expanding your bedroom to add a bathroom will always bring a good ROI, because it gives the buyer the sense of the general area being brand new.

Buyers will be willing to pay more if a house has areas such as the bedroom, that are completely remodeled, or expanded.

Turning your bedroom into a livable master suit decked out with a better closet and a beautiful bathroom is the best way to really catch a buyer's eye, close a deal quickly on your home, and sell your home for more.

The Cost of Remodeling and Expanding

When it comes to remodeling and expanding your bedroom, the cost will be within the thousands, but it's definitely worth the investment. To get a true estimate, ask a professional.

Remember to factor in the price of the removal and the disposal of all of the original paneling and the scraping on any textured ceiling paint.

One question to ask yourself is how much you are willing to do on your own.  Make sure you don’t take on more than you have the skills to handle.  Many people have had to pay more to have professionals fix their mistakes. It’s usually cheaper to hire someone to do it right the first time. In any case, make sure you hire licenced professionals to do anything that requires permits. 

To find the right people to help you achieve the renovations, remodeling, and extension that you have in mind, speak with your real estate agent. Chances are they have helped previous homeowners in the past, or can direct you to another agent who has.

From there, they will help you with the research, your budget, and to get all of the resources that you'll need to get the job done!

Staging the Right Furniture

Before you can get started on the furniture, remove all clutter and personal items from the room. This helps to create an open, stress-free environment, and you will need to ensure that no personal items are in view. You can always put family photos in a dresser drawer, for example.

If you do not already have one on your bed, consider a comforter or a duvet that comes with matching shams, in order to create a solid look. For example, you could have a classic theme, or even a pastel one.

Don't be afraid to move the furniture around in your bedroom to see what works and what looks good. You never know, your dresser may create a more open space across the room. It's also a good idea to flip your mattress, as well.

Also, if you don't have a headboard, now is the perfect time to get one, as it creates a simple, yet sophisticated, look. Remove any piece of furniture from the room that does not go with the main pieces such as your dresser, bed, etc., which would not make sense with everything else.

Adding a tall, potted plant is always a nice finish.

Renovating Your Basement and Attic

Renovating your basement and attic will add plenty of ROI to your home, and will allow you to sell your home for more! Buyers love to see basements and attics that are put to good use, so why not make the best of both?

Renovating Your Basement

Though the cost of renovating and remodeling your basement is within the tens of thousands, you're looking at a 70% ROI, which means that all of the work and money put into getting the basement ready before your open house or viewings will be well worth it when it's time to close the deal.

If you're overly concerned about your ROI, go with a renovation that will be perfect for appeal and overall use. For example, an extra bedroom, a home office, or even a play room that would be perfect for kids. In fact, it's actually better to stick to a general use during the renovation period, just so you can get an idea of how you're going to stage it, what color of paint you're going to use, etc.

A walk-out basement is also a nice touch as well, especially if it connects to the backyard. This will give potential buyers the option to rent out their new basement to tenants should they choose to do so, which is something that some buyers do in fact look for when it comes to buying a home.

Take a look at the staircase that connects the basement to the rest of the house to see whether or not it needs repairs. Like the bedroom, your real estate agent can help you find all of the contacts you need to make everything for your basement renovations possible.

Renovating Your Attic

Renovating your attic into a bedroom has an ROI of 61%, and will definitely give the "wow" factor to all the buyers who come for the open house or individual viewings. Renovating your attic into a bedroom is the absolute perfect way to sell your house for more, and can easily be renovated, considering the basic structure (the roof and the floor) is already present. 

Buyers love to see a home with an attic bedroom, as they are incredibly desirable, have quirky characteristics, and are charming overall. It costs about the same as a basement to renovate an attic into a bedroom, and has almost as much ROI.

For extra value, you could also consider adding a private bathroom into the attic bedroom, depending on how much available space there is, and whether or not you will need to make an extension. If you do decide to add a bathroom, your home will be more desirable, as attic bedrooms with bathrooms are rare gems when it comes to real estate, unless a homeowner makes the decision to do it themselves after they've purchased a home.

Like the other areas of your home, you can easily find all of the help you need to make an attic bedroom, or any other type of room in your attic, possible by asking your real estate agent for referrals to tradespeople. 




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