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Advertising for Selling Your House by Yourself


These days, the Internet has become the leading medium to sell properties. Statistics show that over 92 percent of today’s homebuyers do an online search to find their dream property. Being a fast and cost effective medium to bring sellers and buyers together, the huge sale potential offered by the Internet cannot be undervalued.

For Sale by Owner Websites

The great secret of selling your home is that it needs to be posted at a location where it will be found by as many prospective buyers as possible. Take advantage of the sites that are intuitively visited by those looking forward to buying homes.

Make the right and effective use of the popular keywords so that your listing pops up when people look for the features your property has. A number of For Sale by Owner websites are successfully attracting huge numbers of visitors and brokerage companies.

Some such sites also automatically add the listing to other partner sites like Zillow, Yahoo, Redfin, Homefinder, and others. Buying an MLS enhanced package is a great idea while advertising your home for sale since it will also be added to

Though grabbing the attention of the buyers is not that difficult, it is a tough job to locate the right buyer. The rule here is that the big number works in the sense that when you drive plenty of attention to your property, you get to know the one person who might buy it.

Once you have decided to sell your house, immediately display a sign in front of it reading “For Sale by Owner.” Make it readable from afar so that those attracted by it can manage to take down the phone number from a distance. If you also make use of the yard sign from, the prospective buyers will know that they can visit the site to know about your property in depth.

They can subsequently contact you through the site. Also, plan to leave a voicemail message when you are not around that says whether your property is still available for purchase or not.

It is also highly useful to display the listing ID of your home wherever possible. One of the best marketing tools is a professional kind of pamphlet listing the best-selling points of your home.

You need to include features like square footage, various rooms and amenities, and additional features like a deck, spa, pool, and so forth. Sites like facilitate converting your adverts into flyers that you can print as needed.

Have plenty of hard copies of such templates with you and arrange to hang a brochure box near your sign to place some copies of the brochures in front of your home for those interested to pick up.


This incredibly beneficial free classified website is a great avenue for selling properties yourself. When you are attempting to list your property on this site, prepare a quality description like one that an agent would print on a flier or MLS database.

Consider the top highlights of your home and put a few photographs showcasing those features. The good thing is that you can put photos on Craigslist for free. You need to relist your advert every day. Since the listing on this website sorts out the most recent ones, you need to ensure that your property shows up every day on top.

The important aspect is to watch the role of the buyers. If you wish, say in your ad, “No real estate agents please.” If you succeed in selling your property through Craigslist, you would have completed the process without paying huge commissions, which is going to be a great deal.

While making use of Craigslist, keep the fonts and design as simple as possible. Fancy formatting will distract the buyers. Every buyer is interested in knowing about the property in detail, not the decorative work around your photos. Highlighting your role always pays, since the owner selling the property himself is highly sought after by the buyers.

Good Pictures

This is the most important part of advertising your home for sale. Since professionally clicked photographs can give a realistic idea of the property to the buyers, they can create a bigger impact than fanciful descriptions and catchy phrases.

You can make use of the recently shot pictures of your home both for flyers and for online. In the first place, know that the role of a professional photographer is very important in giving you some great looking snapshots. Always arrange to shoot the pictures during daytime, as the effect will be much better.

When it comes to spending on quality photographs of your property, there is no shortcut since it is a major aspect of the adverts that is going to speak to the buyers, creating the much-needed first and best impression.

In this regard, a few good pictures are worth more than several thousand words. Take into account, the best time to shoot the pictures based on the direction your home is facing.

Professional Copywriting

The information and description you publish of the property are very important. In this regard, consider what the buyers might look for more than what you think are the highlights. Make the copywriting well organized.

A real estate ad must have about sixteen essential details. The call to action opening sentence which is what makes it unique, property location, bedrooms and baths, square footage, the style of construction (like two-story or ranch), neighborhood description, the features of the living room, kitchen, and dining room, information about the front yard, back yard, the garage and finally, the price and contact information.

Following the highlights, the description you are giving must look like you are taking the prospective buyers on a mental tour of the property. Therefore, maintain the logical order of the spatial sense. 

Signs and Flyers

Signs and flyers are important aspects of the home selling process, especially when it comes to selling it yourself. Prospective buyers usually tour around the locality where they wish to find their properties, and while doing so, they will be attracted to your property if it carries a “For Sale” sign on it. The impact that a professional sign can create is huge.

Though the reach of a sign cannot match the massive one achieved by an online advert, signs matter a lot. Studies reveal that over 20 percent of profitable home sales are closed with the help of signs. The components of a yard sign include a frame, a printed panel, and the option to connect a brochure dispenser. Go for a durable steel frame that is powder-coated and good looking.

The printing must be tough enough to withstand the extremities of weather conditions. Ensure that the words are legible and the fonts are good enough to read from afar.

Brochures (or flyers, as we call them) are invaluable aspects of a home sale. While displaying a sign in front of your property, a brochure box containing the printed leaflets is a valuable addition.

There are some sturdy kinds of plastic brochure dispensers available on the market that can store hundreds of flyers safe from the weather impact. In fact, you can also print out the templates that are readily given out by the listing sites as an added feature while you make the listing of your property. Ensure that the design, color scheme, photographs, and property description printed in the flyers are appealing and impressive enough to allure the buyer.

MLS service

To take advantage of the Multiple Listing Service, you may purchase a package that features an MLS listing. You will receive mail from a broker affiliate within two working days of purchasing describing how to go about the MLS paperwork. Upon completing the paperwork, you must fax it to the broker.

This is also a sign of your willingness to pay the buyer’s agent a percentage of your property’s sale price. Since posting photos can create a major impact, comply with the instructions of the broker and forward the required number of good photographs.

Once you comply with the initial formalities, the ad of the sale of your property will go live, and you will receive a notification regarding the successful listing of your property.

Within 72 hours of getting listed on the MLS, your property will also go live on

This is one of the For Sale by Owner websites that enable you with different Web services connected to your property sale. You may go for combo packs for listing your sale ad on MLS as well.

Going by studies, most homes successfully sell through real estate agents who rely on MLS to know about properties for sale. Depending on what kind of services you opt for, the price charged by the website varies.

The topmost package offered by this site includes showing your property for a period of six months, and you need to decide whether this is what you need for the inherent advantages of it.


When it comes to selling your home, you must not resort to complaining about the downward trend of the real estate market.

You will still be able to do a great job by resorting to some success tips even when selling the home by yourself. Putting a good sign in the front, listing the property online as well as in the local newspaper, and carrying out a direct mailing campaign will all work in your favor if deployed systematically and judiciously.

Therefore, you must always be prepared to do your part to see that your home sells faster and carries an attractive price.

You do not know where you will find the prospective buyer, and it really pays off when you talk about the home sale even to people like the milkman and the vendor girl whom you know locally.

Social Media Use

The potential of the Internet, and especially social media, in connecting with a lot of people has grown phenomenally during the recent years, which can work to your advantage if you are looking forward to using it for running your home selling campaign. In the first place, create an online home base for your property.

Listing your property on one or more FSBO listing sites and then creating MLS can help reach out as many people as possible. Make use of some free blogging sites to upload videos, photos, and descriptions about your property.

Never forget to post your contact information. Once you have your property live on the Internet, you can link the URL to and from your social media accounts.

You may make use of Facebook and Twitter to circulate the message regarding your home sales with the URL.

Once your listing or website is live, you will have a URL that you can link to from your social media accounts.

On Facebook and Twitter, you can pass along news about your home sale, such as the date of an open house or information about an improvement you’ve made to the property, complete with links to your house’s webpage.

After announcing your house for sale, request your friends to like, share, and retweet the information. In this way, you can quickly reach out to as many buyers as possible. 

It’s true! Every day homes sell for WAY less than they should. It makes me cringe to see how many mistakes people make when selling. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great if you’re a buyer. However, if you’re a seller every mistake can cost thousands of dollars.

Have you ever heard of an “unsellable home”? There’s no such thing… when a home doesn’t sell it can normally be tracked back to a simple mistake (or two) that could have been easily avoided.

I get it! You want to sell your home yourself and avoid paying a commission. I don’t blame you. Just make sure that you are prepared to implement the best home selling strategies for selling your home -  without an agent.



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